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Jasmine Tarkeshi, Director of Laughing Lotus

Jasmine Tarkeshi founder and director of Laughing Lotus NYC & SF returns to teach both open classes and her fabulous 'Rock the Chakras' workshop!

Wed. April 11th
       10.00 AM  Level 2 open class
       18.00 PM  Level 3 open class with LIVE MUSIC!   

Thu. April 12th
       10.00 AM  Level 2 open class
       18.00 PM  Level 2 open class with LIVE MUSIC!

Fri.   April 13th
       13.00 - 16.00   Workshop: ROCK THE CHAKRAS! Euro 35.00

Reservations are required for workshops and these special open classes


A Chakra Tune-Up  Workshop of dynamic and devotional Lotus Flow Vinyasa Yoga

A funky festive celebration of the lower Chakras, bringing to life and honoring the many forms of the

Divine Mother: rooting, flowing and lifting. This workshop will connect us to the sacredness of our Bodies , our Planet

and each and every being with a focus on creative standing pose sequences, flowing hip openers and connection to the source 

our Navel through wild arm balances...

Sign up starts January 1st 2012

For all events sign up at: info@svahayoga.com


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